Your Current Position:  Talent Recruitment
  • Factory recruitment year round

  • Foreign Trade Sales Manager

    Salary: base salary + commission + year-end reward

    Benefits: International Exhibition + International Tourism

    Location: Beijing, Ningjin, Dezhou

    Recruitment: 10

    Recruitment requirements:

    1. Aged between 23-35

    2. Work experience in the same industry is preferred

    3. Bachelor's degree or above, and college degree is acceptable for the excellent

    4. Fluent English expression ability, good personal quality, good foreign trade temperament

    5. Only English majors and international trade majors will be recruited for this position, and other majors will not be disturbed

    6. Basic foreign trade operation process

    7. Love work, be honest and trustworthy, bear hardships and withstand pressure

    8. Short term overseas visit

    9. Accept all work assigned by superior leaders of the company

    What we can do for you, surprise your annual salary, traveling abroad is not a dream, no overtime, weekend weekend

    Please send your resume to:

  • Domestic Network Sales Manager

    Number of domestic online sales managers: 10

    Salary: base salary + commission

    Working environment: Ningjin Office (no business trip)

    Recruitment requirements:

    1. High school degree or above

    2. People who love their jobs, are hardworking, and actively face life

    3. More than 1 year working experience in the same industry is preferred

    4. Taobao, tmall, Jingdong, 1688 operation experience preferred

    5. Good personal image and affinity

    For interested parties, please call 0534-5531068, +18678382208

  • Domestic Sales Manager

    Position monthly salary: base salary + commission + subsidy

    Location: national distribution

    Number of people in need: 10


    1. College degree or above, age 20-40, can accept national business trip;

    2. More than 1 year working experience in the same industry is preferred;

    3. Love fitness career, like research on gym equipment;

    4. Experience of participating in or presiding over project bidding is preferred;

    5. Have the ability of accurate communication and expression;

    6. Strong learning and transformation ability.

    Please send your resume to  , or call: 18678382208, looking forward to your joining!